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Empowering Artists to tell the Stories that Matter


It is March Forth’s mission to bring you stories that you love, stories that move and inspire you, that are made in a fair and equitable way to all artists involved. 


Stories are an integral part of our lives. The magic of stories, good stories, is that they elicit empathy in us. They make us connect. They move us to care. They come in a myriad of formats and teach us to feel for a situation that is not our own.  


Perhaps it’s through a play that follows one woman’s exploration of sex, sexuality, and sexual assault. Or maybe it’s a web series featuring the minutiae of female friendships, and the key role technology plays in them. Or it could even be a short film that explores the mind’s inner workings as one person tries to claw their way out of a depressive slump. 


Stories allow us to see our similarities because of our differences, and give us a jumping off point to talk about the difficult things, the scary things. They give us the communication tools to build the world we want to see. 


For March Forth the world we want to see is one where telling stories is done equitably. We know first hand the time, energy, and work required in the entertainment industry. We also understand its financial burdens. So we’re working to change that imbalance. Art can be your life without taking over all of your life. And that’s something the entire entertainment industry should strive for.

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